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HTMX & MODX a match made in heaven?

Mon Jul 18, 2022

HTML-over-the-wire is a method whereby an AJAX request returns HTML instead of JSON. This methodology allows us to quickly build reactive, modern interfaces with the tools we use every day. MODX is the ideal CMS for working with HTML-over-the-wire as its powerful template syntax, combined with chunks and output modifiers enables us to write our logic directly in our templates. HTMX is one of a number of libraries that enable HTML-over-the-wire using simple HTML attributes. This article looks at HTMX and how to integrate it with MODX to enhance your websites and create more powerful applications.

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MODX one liners and Output modifiers

Sat Jul 16, 2022

MODX Output Modifiers bring PHP logic into HTML. They enable you to generate DateTime stamps, image thumbnails, IF statements, set defaults and pretty much anything else you can think of. In this article, we'll look at some of my favourite MODX output modifiers and how you can create your own.

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Accessing single characters in multibyte strings

Tue Jul 12, 2022

This article explores an issue I faced when working on a Danish language website which required me to build an A-Z filter list using different strings. The issue I faced was down to UTF8 Special characters and multibyte characters not working as expected when trying to access individual characters from a string.

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