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MODX magic link login tutorial

Wed Nov 16, 2022

We've become so used to passwords that we've created tools just to help us keep track of them all. In recent years magic links have started to become more popular in an attempt to make our lives easier. For this tutorial, we'll be building the basics of a passwordless login for MODX. Ideally, this should be implemented with a 2fa or other identity-confirming method to ensure authenticity, but we're only looking at the basics.

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How to setup and use MIGX TV for MODX

Sun Jul 10, 2022

One of the reasons why MODX is our CMS of choice is because of its innovative template variables. Simply put, a template variable is a custom field for a MODX resource, this means we can add extra information to a resource/ webpage without having to hand-code or 'Hack' it in. Please note that this is a very long article with a few tricky bits, take your time reading it to be sure you understand everything.

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