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Generating images using phpThumb()

Mon Nov 21, 2022

As developers, we must ensure that the sites we build not only look good but perform well and the easiest way to gain a performance boost is by serving properly optimized images. We'll be looking at the pThumb Extra to generate out different image sizes, crops, and formats all on the fly

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MODX magic link login tutorial

Wed Nov 16, 2022

We've become so used to passwords that we've created tools just to help us keep track of them all. In recent years magic links have started to become more popular in an attempt to make our lives easier. For this tutorial, we'll be building the basics of a passwordless login for MODX. Ideally, this should be implemented with a 2fa or other identity-confirming method to ensure authenticity, but we're only looking at the basics.

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Login a MODX User with the API

Thu Nov 03, 2022

This thought experiment article explores a number of different methods for logging users into a MODX context using the API. With simple snippets or endpoints, we can handle the creation of new users, search for registered users and log them in without them having to physically sign in.

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How to watch global variables in VUE JS

Wed Jul 20, 2022

VUE JS is amazing, there's no doubt about it. But there inevitably comes a time when your shiny new app needs to do something when an event is triggered outside of its scope. This can present a problem but with watchers and VUE observables it's super simple to manage. This short article is a quick demonstration of I implemented a VUE watcher on a global variable during a recent project.

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